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3 Easter Crafts

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

By Mei Yee

Easter is around the corner! So that means, we did some Easter themed crafts!

Yes, I once again bought craft kits instead of getting everything myself … this was cheaper, haha. (I like saving money where I can).

The first kit had everything you need to make characters out of pompoms! Items used; pompoms, round cut out of poster board, googly eyes, glitter stickers, and glue. So if you already have these items then great!

Side note if you buy this kit, the glue has an extra plastic cap that goes into the bottle. I mention this as me and my nephew tried to get the glue out we ended up squeezing it everywhere as that cap popped out.

But in the end they were successful in making their pompom characters!

The other 2 kits were a wooden egg and a ceramic egg kit. They each came with their own strips of paint and paint brushes. A side note for these kits, the ceramic egg kit only had one paint brush and the wooden egg one had 2. But each provides 3 eggs.

(I do know they sell the wooden eggs separately, so if you need more than three you can buy them. Or if you don't want to buy the kit you have the option to buy them separately.)

Then they each picked out an egg and started painting!

What I liked more about these two kits, was that they could be as creative as they wanted to!


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