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150 Kids Creativity Activities for Each Unique 'Type' of Child!

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Children's creativity is unique just like they are!

Bonus Material: 28 Ways to Get Your Child’s Creative Juices Flowing

There is more than one solution to get your kids' creative juices flowing. You can encourage children's creativity in more ways than you might have guessed!

To encourage children to develop creativity we should teach kids there are activities, crafts, and games that jive with their personalities! What does your child like to do best? What do they really not like?

Children's interests matter. If you want your kiddos' "buy-in" on getting creative, check out this list. Maybe you will find some new ideas here and let go of the idea that the creative process looks any set way.

Creative play comes when children use familiar materials in a new or unusual way, and when they engage in role-playing and imaginative play.

Catherine Thimmesh tells parents not to limit their children's creativity to any one field. “Creativity is openness,” she says. “It's flexibility, finding new perspectives, risking failure, making connections.”

This list of all lists will get YOUR creative juices flowing so that you can raise creative kids!

Creative activities for ALL the kids!

These activities are not divided by age or gender. Interests will overlap so check out all the categories!

Outdoor Lovers

  1. Make a birdhouse

  2. Make a bird feeder

  3. This is a cool way to make a treat for the birds. It's heart-shaped for Valentine's Day but could be in the shape of a clover (for Saint Paddy's Day) or a Christmas Tree.

  4. Create a scavenger hunt for a sibling or friend

  5. Do a scavenger hunt or adventure walk

  6. This is a great one that focuses on a sensory experience outdoors!

  7. Paint rocks to place on a neighborhood walk

  8. Collect leaves and preserve them in wax paper (and other ways!)

  9. Not sure how? Check this link out!

  10. Make an outdoor kitchen where the 'chef' uses pine cones and moss, etc to create the menu

  11. Make homemade nature paintbrushes

  12. Go on a nature walk and collect sticks and plants and flowers. Piece them together to make textured homemade paintbrushes.

  13. Role-play with nature crowns

  14. Make plantable seed paper

  15. Seed paper is produced by mixing the recycled paper pulp with seeds and pressing the mixture into a shape. You can use plain white paper, newspaper, tissue paper, cardboard, and most other types of paper (besides paper with a glossy finish) to create the pulp.

  16. Check it out here.

  17. Create fishing poles, swords, and wands

  18. Journal about a nature walk

  19. Have a picnic under the stars. Observe the sky. Write or draw in a notebook

  20. Make stick animals and leaf faces. Create insects with acorns, and sticks

  21. Build fairy houses using only natural materials

  22. Need some inspiration? Here is a fairy house made from twigs and moss

Want more ways to nurture your child’s creativity? Grab 28 more here

Arts and Crafts and Messes Yahoo!

  1. Make elephant toothpaste

  2. Haven't heard of it? It's so cool and great for creative thinking. Here is a recipe!

  3. Experiment with salt painting

  4. On a paper plate, add a few drops of food coloring on some Epsom salt and mix. Do all the colors your child chooses.

  5. Draw shapes and patterns on paper, apply glue to the designs, and then pour the salt on the glue.

  6. Try a little finger, water balloon, or marble painting

  7. Dip finger, water balloons, or marbles in paint and roll, press, and create on paper!

  8. Make a mud kitchen that serves up mud pies, mud muffins, and mud soups. Yummmmmy

  9. Help aspiring architects get creative

  10. Go to the playground and talk about what could make it more interesting. Suggest kids design an original jungle gym or swing set.

  11. They can use graph paper and draw diagrams and plans with the placement of each piece of equipment.

  12. Then even create a visual representation using straws, cardboard, toilet paper, and paper towel rolls.

  13. Create a planet or galaxy

  14. Make up the name, characteristics, and where it will be placed in the sky. Go further by making a paper mache version of the planet. Splatter white paint on black paper for constellations and then suspend the planet against the "starry background."

  15. Make shaving cream play dough. You only need three ingredients and it's such messy fun

  16. Here is an easy-to-follow recipe.

  17. Make cosmic cloud dough. Another fun playdough that isn't so 'every day.'

  18. Not sure how to start. Check out this pin!

  19. You might need a kit for this, but tye-dye projects are always a hit.

  20. Paper mache ANYTHING from a blown-up balloon to a bunch of crumpled newspapers. You probably have glue and flour (and a wee bit of water to thin it) at home.

  21. Make slime! "Please, mom???"

  22. Cut up all the old papers sitting on the corner of the kitchen counter, put some glue on paper, and THROW the "confetti" in the air. Watch it as it lands and see if it sticks!

  23. Use food coloring in your ice cube trays to create icy paint cubes. After they’re frozen, little hands can move them around the paper to speed up the new paint "utensils!"