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Thanksgiving Traditions

By Mei Yee

With being multi-cultural we actually split thanksgiving. Traditional and non-traditional.

With traditional, when I was little we used to go over to my maternal grandma’s house. As we got older my mother took over having it at her house. We go over early to help her with cooking, or with anything else she needs help with.

We have the traditional thanksgiving foods; turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans and corn. We also have a sweet potato casserole, homemade pasta, and crescent rolls. Also multiple different pie options!

Before we eat, we always go around and say what we are thankful for. And then we dig in!

The day after Thanksgiving is when we put up our Christmas tree. We are all off, so we spend the day decorating the tree and the house, while a Christmas movie plays on the tv.

For the non-traditional side of things, we have a Chinese thanksgiving. Which we celebrate with the paternal side of my family. This one is just what we call it, where in China it would be the Mid-Autumn festival that would be closest to thanksgiving in China.

But for this we get together the Saturday after thanksgiving and have a variety of homemade Chinese dishes. It’s our way to get together to celebrate thanksgiving but in a different way. And without eating the same foods that we just ate a few days before.


I think it doesn't matter what you eat, but the time spent with family who loves you is the most important.

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