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Should We Have a Family Night?

By Mei Yee

Do you have a family night in your house? We started a family night before the pandemic, and then things got crazy, so we stopped doing it. But we are beginning to get back to doing this!

What we do is every Friday night, we have a movie/game night. This is our night where we do not put the electronics to the side; instead, we enjoy them as a family. This is our way to celebrate surviving the week. A time we can unwind together.

We either order pizza, wings, and soda, or I let them pick a fast food restaurant. This is the only night we eat in the living room because we watch a movie while we eat.

Once we are done eating and the movie is over, we play games on the Switch together.

Sometimes I buy them a candy bar or popsicles to eat in between playing games. Especially if I know, they had a rough week.

Yes, I have a no electronics rule while eating except for Friday nights. So, they look forward to eating in the living room and getting to watch TV.

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