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Preparing for Summer

By Mei Yee

With summer quickly coming up here, it is always best to prepare! Especially if you have children, as schools will be out. Then you will hear daily “I’m bored” if there aren’t enough things planned for them to do.

So first, make a list of activities for the kiddos. Once you do that, you will see what you need for those activities and begin making a list of things to buy for the summer.

I like to prepare for the whole summer if I can. I am one where I would rather stock up now versus having to go to the store on a really hot day. And honestly, if I don’t stock up, that is when my good friend Amazon Prime comes and helps out.

Here is the list I have for this summer;

  1. Chalk

  2. Bubbles

  3. Spray bottles

  4. Paint

  5. Rolls of paper

  6. Markers

  7. Water Balloons

Short and simple list. But the possibilities are endless.

For the spray bottles, I usually get these instead of water guns. They are cheaper and serve the same purpose. I usually get a four-pack for about ten dollars. I let the kids decorate them, now they have become personalized bottles.

You can also take some water and a few quirts of paint and pour them into the spray bottles. Now they can “spray paint.”

I like to get big rolls of paper, and we do a lot of projects that require paper. This is the cheaper option overall and is nice as you can choose the size of the paper for different projects.

Let them go crazy outside with the chalk, bubbles, water balloons and spray bottles. If it is too hot outside, let them paint or draw inside. Just roll out the paper and let them go for it!

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