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Let the Kids Make it: French Bread Pizza

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

By Mei Yee

As my kids get older, I wanted to start a series to let them help out more. I have realized this means letting them take control and to not get flustered if they don't do it exactly how I do.

Starting with something easy is always the best way to start. So, I decided to set it up for my five-year-old to make French Bread Pizza on her own.

For this we got:

  • French Bread (we used 1 loaf as we cut it into 6 pieces)

  • Shredded cheese (I let her pick out which kind she wanted)

  • Pizza sauce

  • Toppings (she chose bacon and pepperoni)

I preheated the oven as I cut the loaf in half horizontally and then into threes vertically. After that I put the toppings in their own bowls, to make it easier for her to put them on.

She got out the tray they were going to be baked on and put the bread on it. Once that was done, I just let her do her own thing.

(Note: I paused at the part with the cheese, one because I chuckled at her amount, but also to let her know she can add more if she wants)


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