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Holiday Giveaway!

We are having a holiday giveaway with up to 38 chances to win! (Enter to win, here).

5 winners will win a $5 Amazon gift card and 8 winners will get a special shoutout!

25 lucky winners will win one of the following books. (The book prize will be a random drawing). Here is a list of the books that will be included in the giveaway;


The Adventures of Axel and Tullia: The Lost Filly by Harmony Marquardt

Axel is a kind and brave squire, Tullia is a sweet and sassy witch in training. They meet for the first time when they both rush to help a filly who was crying, but neither of them is too sure about the other. Who was the filly and why was she crying? Can Axel and Tullia work together? Will they be able to help the centaur filly?

(Order from Amazon here)

Instagram: harmony.m.writer


An Angel Named Trouble by Smiley Kloth

The story begins with Creation. Time passes & God gives an angel named Trouble an important mission on Earth. Trouble’s two friends come along to help him. God sends them in disguise so no one will know they are angels. Can Trouble complete his mission without wings, or will an evil angel stop him?

(Order from Amazon here)

Instagram: Bernadette Kloth

Twitter: @KlothSmiley

Facebook: Bernadette Kloth


Mission Fat Hearts by Megan Yee and Rebecca Yee

Santa is discouraged about seeing so many names on the naughty list. He devises a plan and deploys his secret agent elves to give top-secret missions to kids.

The mission: Help Santa spread more joy during the holiday season.

He sends his newest elf, Kisa, to recruit some very special pups, Pookie & Thor, to help encourage some kids that need it the most.

The goal of the Mission Fat Hearts is to encourage and inspire children to be kind to everyone they meet. The movie will show them how one simple act of kindness can create a ripple effect that can change the world.

(Order from Amazon here)


My Magic Mirror by Anushka Bhattacharjee (the 8 year old child author)

A fantasy book that magically slurps the siblings inside a story. Series of adventure, suspense, mystery and finally a unique spin. An 8 year old author with unleashed imagination shows how child authors have a totally different take on a plot.

(Order from Amazon here)


Jerry the Squirrel: Volume One by Shawn P. B. Robinson

Jerry the Squirrel loves inventing… and he’s pretty good at it. What he’s not good at, however, is making sure his inventions only do what he wants them to do.

Join Jerry the Squirrel in this fun set of short stories as his Nut Harvester turns into a Nut Cannon, as his Ear Plugs turn into Megaphones, and as his Automatic Slippers turn on every Squirrel in the village!

(Order from Amazon here)

Instagram: shawnpbrobinson


James's Ragtag Adventures in Questworld: Return of the Goblin Queen by M. Doyle

James and his friends wake up one morning to find that they have been transported to another world, one that is exactly like the world in their favorite video game, Questworld. Everything was going smoothly until they accidentally released the evil goblin queen, Vanika, from her magical prison. Now they must use all of their knowledge of the Questworld games to figure out a way to stop her before she can raise her army of goblins and take over the world.

(Order from Amazon here)

Facebook: @myoylebhp

Instagram: mdoylebhp

Twitter: @MDoyleBHP


The Adventures of Bubblegum Bobby: The Journey Begins by Camille C. Akpulonu

The Journey Begins is the first book in the series entitled, The Adventures of Bubblegum Bobby. Bubblegum Bobby's main goal is to blow the world's largest bubble to impress his older brother and get into the Guinness Book of World Records like his father, the strongest man in the world. Bobby is a daydreaming, honest, quirky kid who wants to do right, but always imagines doing so much wrong. While blowing one of his largest bubbles, he and his curious dog get stuck inside, and that is when the adventure begins.

Worksheets and discussion questions included for child development.

(Order from Amazon here)

Facebook: @AdventuresofBGB

Instagram: adventuresofbgb


The Mems by Danielle N. Thornewell

I should have just gone straight home after school, but nope. I just had to go into the forest and look where it got me. I have been chosen to save a hidden world from evil Drones with the help of a Mem named Nermal. Sounds unbelievable? That’s what I thought. Save the Mems, beat the Drones, retrieve a sacred crystal, and don’t be home late to dinner. Got it, no problem.

(Order from Amazon here)

Pinterest: dthornewell

Amazon Author: Danielle N. Thornewell


Fairy Quest: The Adventures of Rosie Hart (Book 1) by Iveta Ongley

Fairy Quest is Book 1 in the adventure and action-packed magical series The Adventures of Rosie Hart series.

A discovery of a glowing pink tree with colourful lights dancing around it has Rosie's curiosity piqued. Her excitement grows after realizing that the lights are fairies only SHE can see. This enchanting encounter soon turns into a dangerous adventure after the fairy babies are taken. Rosie joins the Queen and her entourage on a perilous mission to save them. With no magic powers of her own and the prospects of facing an evil fairy Queen and dark magic, Rosie has to rely on her human abilities.

Will the fairies and Rosie succeed or perish on their quest?

(Order from Amzaon here)

Instagram: ivetawrites


Magnificent, Marvellous Minibeasts by Denise Popat

A series of short stories written about minibeasts for young children and self-readers.

Do you know the minibeasts in your garden? Enjoy listening and reading about their adventures and learn some fun facts about each minibeast. Can you learn the Beetlebop with Bertie Beetle? Or follow the figure-of-eight dance with Belinda Buzz Bee and Walter? Or can you follow Sydney Snail and Eva's trail around the garden? What about reading how Willie Waspie catches the robbers and saves the day?

(Order from Amazon here)

Facebook: Denise Popat


Hopscotch and the Case of the Missing Memories by Kara Mugleston

A missing bike, a friend without memories, and a local robbery have set the town of Brookhaven on edge. Can a rescue dog and his twin owners solve the case before someone else gets hurt?

(Order from Amazon here)


Dilly Cooper Hat-astrophe Moira Siobhan

Dilly Cooper Hat-astrophe is a short chapter book told from the perspective of Dilly Cooper. It is a funny, humorous look at challenges at school, friendships, Bullies and Disappointment, with a funny twist at the end! Meet Dilly’s bff- Belle and her rival- mean Rose Thorn, or run riot with the Goon Boys - make reading fun! This book encourages children to love reading and is a great platform for discussing more serious issues as well.

(Order from Amazon here)


I Told You So! The Adventures of William and Thomas by Mark Gunning

How much trouble can two ten-year-old boys really get into? Meet best friends William and Thomas, who can’t seem to get enough action and adventure. Welcome to Itchygooney where no one is safe from the stunts and pranks that William dreams up. Follow along as the boys get stuck in trees, attacked by killer bees, scare little brothers, and jump off monster-sized ramps.

(Order from Amazon here)

Instagram: markgunningitys

YouTube: Mark Gunning


A Cursed Enchantment (The Dolls of Mahogany Manor) by Amelie Lynn

In a land where magic is forbidden, a miniature family awakens on top of an enormous table. They see their mansion in the distance, sitting on the floor of a giant room. Before long, the Dolls of Mahogany Manor realize that they have been abandoned by the sorcerer who created them, and if humans discover them, they will be destroyed. If they work together, can this tiny family survive in a world full of danger and solve the mystery of their existence?

This novel is told from perspectives of both children and adults and is perfect for all ages!

(Order from Amazon here)

Facebook: Amelie Lynn


The Memoir That Makes You Go Mmm by B Jane Turnquest

Mckenzie-Morga has an odd fascination, and from this she mastered a skill which involves manipulating most of her sentences with her favorite consonant. As you read her memoir, for multiple reasons (awed, doubtful, meditative and maybe because you can taste scrumptious food in her mind), you will certainly go 'mmm!'

(Order from Amazon here)


Pompa Pumpity The Fart, Scentless or Senseless : Depression, Misfit, Sadness, Affirmation, Uplifting Self-Help and Self-Love by B Jane Turnquest

There is a child somewhere with curly hair wishing it was straight, one skinny wanting not to be, one short dreaming of added inches, one who communicates differently and battles frustration, and one with undiscovered talents, hoping for some. Pompa Pumpity, the fart, was miserable and inconsolable about how he was made. He felt incomplete and thought that he should and could be more than he was.

Focusing only on outer features, the things that he lacked, made Pompa Pumpity’s gloom gloomier and added desperation to the mix of his bad feelings. Certain that having more would be fulfilling, Pompa Pumpity decided to fix this. He was mistaken, and had to learn of the untouchable truths within.

(Order from Amazon here)

Facebook: @bjaneturnquest


Don't forget to enter for your chance to win one of the books, an Amazon gift card or a special shoutout!

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