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Children's Book Author Spotlight - Megan E. Mancini

Books develop and nourish kids’ imaginations, expanding their worlds. Picture books introduce young children to the world of art and literature. Novels and nonfiction books stimulate kids’ sensory awareness, helping kids to see, hear, taste, feel, and smell on an imagined level. Books inform our imaginations, inspiring creativity.

This Children's Book Author Spotlight Series will showcase independent children's book authors and their works. We strive to bring you the best there is to offer and an insight into the world of children's books!


This week we are featuring author Megan E. Mancini.

Tell us a little about yourself and how you came to write your first book.

Megan E. Mancini is a mother of two adorable, kind, and courageous children, Sophia and Leo. Her children's kindness, love for others, and zest for life never ceases to amaze her. In Megan's spare time she loves to spend time with her family and friends and write books!

A couple of years ago, during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Megan started jotting down some thoughts about finding joy in all situations. The media was saturated with sadness, illness, and uncertainty. However, there was occasionally stories about joy and hope, like when the people of an Italian village, under strict quarantine and isolation, all began to sing from their balconies TOGETHER! There is always joy and hope, you just have to look for it. One thing led to another and she wrote my debut children's books, "The Picture Puzzle".

The Camilla & Company children's book series is all about resiliency and being able to find a solution to every problem. Mental health is so important, especially for today's youth. The series encourages children to "come along" with Camilla while she explores and navigates different emotions with help from her aunt, Aunt Elle, and her puppy, Lady!

What inspired the idea for your book?

My children! I started just jotting down thoughts and ideas about how to find kindness and hope in sad situations because I wanted my children to know there is always hope and