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Getting the Kids Outside

By Mei Yee

Some days are harder than others to get the kids to want to go outside. At least for mine anyways. Bribery is involved sometimes, but I always try to find something interesting for them.

Help them plant their own garden, whether flowers or crops. This helps get them invested in something that is theirs. This could turn out to be something they do for years to come.

Go on a bike ride with them. Or let them ride their scooters. Maybe even ride to a nearby store or ice cream shop to get a special treat. Or you could always walk there and eat the ice cream on the way home.

Build a fort in your yard. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. I have even set up three chairs in the yard and threw a blanket over them. They can decorate the inside, including putting a sheet on the ground.

If your child likes to collect rocks, let them. Tell them they have to keep their collection outside. Set up a specific area for them to place their rocks. This way, any time they try to bring a rock home, they have a place for them! And it keeps them out of your house where you won’t accidentally throw it away, thinking it was a random rock that made its way into your house. This happened to us before the rocks had home; I am still reminded about it.

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