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Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids

By Rebecca Yee

If you need to entertain a group of young children in the elementary school age group, you can find a wide variety of fun kids games for them to play. Here are a few FUN ones you may have never heard of before.

Fill the Stocking

One game you can play is called 'fill the stocking'. You'll want to create teams that consist of at least 3-6 kids. Each team will have a stocking hung on a wall. Next you'll need a bowl of candy plus some spoons.

The object of the game is for the kids to place the spoon in their mouth (handle first) and then scoop up some candy from the candy bowl. They must keep the spoon in their mouth then run or walk to the stocking hanging on the wall and put the candy in it. They then go to the back of the line and next child up does the same thing.

You'll want to have enough spoons for each child to have their own. The game ends when the bowl of candy is empty (or you can set a time limit). The team who gets the most candy in their stocking wins a big bag of candy.

Remember This Game

If the kids have been active for a while you may want to play a sit-down game. One favorite game is called 'remember this'. To play the game, get a large cookie sheet and cover it with about 20 Christmas related items. These items can be candy canes, ornaments, ribbons etc.

Next you'll give each child approx. 30 seconds to look at all the items on the cookie sheet, then cover it and move it out of their sight. Now give the kids about 30 seconds to recall everything that was on the cookie sheet. You'll want them to write it all down. Whoever recalls the most items will be declared the winner!

Draw What I Say

Another good sit-down game involves using a pencil and some paper. You'll then tell the kids to close their eyes and draw what you say. You won't tell them exactly what the drawing will be but you will have them draw shapes.

First have them draw 3 circles with a big one on bottom and small one on top. Next you'll have them draw the dots for the eyes, some buttons for a coat, a hat and so on until you have provided them with a complete description of a snowman.

Now have them all open their eyes and see how close their drawing got to the real thing! The one who produces the drawing that looks the most like a snowman wins the prize!


What are some of your favorite Christmas party games? Let us know on our Facebook Page!

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