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Fun and Adventurous Books for Children

By Mei Yee

When looking for fun, adventurous books for children, the selection can be extensive. I have come up with a shortlist of book that younger children might enjoy;

1. Monkey Brains by Nelson Boyce; a cute book about a monkey trying to get to the moon. It is a good book for early readers as well. It takes you on the thought process of the monkey and his idea to get to the moon. The illustrations are cute and funny. A book I don’t mind reading a couple of times a week to my kids.

2. Umicar’s Big Race by Nickelodeon Publishing; not sure who all is familiar with “Team Umizoomi,” but this is about their car entering the city's big race. This one mainly says it all in the title. Still, it does take your child on a series of adventures to help Umicar finish the race. Another car is mean and tries to sabotage other racers, but Umicar is there to help!

3. I am (Not) Scared by Anna Kang; This story is also a good one for early readers. It follows two friends who go to an amusement park. One is scared to ride the roller-coaster, so the other one talks about scarier things. Illustrations are cute, and you can tell from the facial expressions what the characters are feeling.

4. How to Catch a Monster by Michael Yu; This one is about a little boy not wanting to get ready for bed; like most kids, he hated doing the nightly routine. Until his mother decided to tell him about this monster, most kids would be scared, but not this kid. He was excited to hear about the monster, to which his mother told him she could only tell him how to catch the monster AFTER he got ready for bed. The book is cute and fun all around.


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