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Creating a "Board" Game

By Mei Yee

Do you play board games with your children? Better question, have you ever made a board game with your children?

I am not saying that every weekend you have to make a whole new game with your children. But this could even be for a special occasion (ex: birthday party, kids day off of school, holidays).

With COVID, I didn’t get to take the girls trick or treating this past year. What I did at home was something like an easter egg hunt, but without the eggs. For this, each child got a different color of paper that I cut up and wrapped around the candy. This way, it would be equal as to what they got.

However, my mother and step-dad made a board game for the kids to play. What they did was take a plastic tablecloth, placed it on the table, and drew the path of the game. Then they put different things in each square, some were where you got candy, and some said something like “make a funny face.”

The kids still dressed up in their costumes and went around the table playing as the board of the game was the table length, so they couldn’t sit but had to get up and get moving as well.

I liked this idea as it was different, but the kids still got to have fun and get candy! It would be easy to save the tablecloth for another time. But you can also make others for different holidays or kid's birthday parties.

For pieces to move, we had some Halloween characters that they used. But anything could work as their playing piece as long as it is small enough to fit within the spaces.


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