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Children's Book Author Spotlight - Elvan Silva

Books develop and nourish kids’ imaginations, expanding their worlds. Picture books introduce young children to the world of art and literature. Novels and nonfiction books stimulate kids’ sensory awareness, helping kids to see, hear, taste, feel, and smell on an imagined level. Books inform our imaginations, inspiring creativity.

This Children's Book Author Spotlight Series is going to showcase independent children's book authors and their works. We strive to bring you the best there is to offer and an insight into the world of children's books!


This week we are featuring author Elvan Silva.

Tell us a little about yourself and how you came to write your first book.

Long Island raised, I now live in Land O Lakes, Florida with my family. Since the age of 8 I have wanted to write a book. I just wasn't sure of which direction to go in. So I always had piles of empty notebooks somewhere in my room just waiting to be written in. I've had many ideas from children's books, autobiography, young adult to sci-fi! It took 2020 to finally light the flame! And I decided to go with a children's book.

What inspired the idea for your book?

My husband inspired the idea! He is in fact a mailman and is silly and goofy as well. I definitely wanted his character in the book.

What part of the book was the most fun to write?

Making everything rhyme! As a kid I loved to read poems and books that rhymed. I loved hearing the rhythm and flow the words made.

How long did it take you to write this book?

Once I decided that this was it and I was going to write it, It took about 24 hours. Then about 2 months of edits. Then finding the right illustrator. Illustrations and formatting took about 5 months. All in all it took from start to finish 9 months.

Has writing and publishing a book changed the way you see yourself?

Yes it has. I know now that I can do it. It takes work and research and doing. But I know now that anything I put effort into I can accomplish.

Who has been the biggest supporter of your writing?

My husband. He has been a fan and supporter in EVERYTHING I have wanted to do.

What books did you grow up reading?

I grew up with nursery rhymes, Aesop's Fables and all the classical Disney stories.

Would you share something about yourself that your readers don’t know (yet)?

Lets just say I have another book idea that comes with a twist. 😉

Anything you want to add?

Who loves Fun Facts! The characters in my book aside from Sam the mailman, are all based off our children. We used their middle names for the book. Jeremy is Zeren, Luke is Aslan, Kal is Evren, Ms. Aiyana is Alyssa and Sage is Elijah.

Where can our readers find you? (Website, Social Media, etc)

For now I am on Facebook @AuthorElvanSilva (Website will be coming soon.


If you are a children's book author who would like to be featured on our website, please fill out this form here:

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