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7 Fun Things to do with Your Family in March

By Rebecca Yee

March is a fantastic month, and apparently, it's a perfect time to have fun with your family because it's going to mark the end of the winter period and the beginning of spring. So what better time to have fun with your family than in March?

While you are thinking about places to visit or fun things you can do with your family, it’s only wise to use the celebrations and activities that will go down during the month as a primer. With lots of activities to choose from, this post will help you make a to-do list of events and fun places you can visit with your kids and family this month of March, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

1) Hit The Cinema

Finally, winter is coming to an end, and you can breathe some warm air, interesting, isn't it? Visiting the cinema to watch some exciting movies is a great way to enjoy spring with your family. Relaxing with chilled soda and popcorn will make it more exciting, so take your family to any cinema around you to see a blockbuster.

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2) Visit The Spa

Visiting the spa is another fantastic way to relax, take care of your skin, and prepare yourself for spring. Although this one takes a little more planning, it is well worth it to go spend some quality time with no phones. Take your family to the spa and give them an amazing treat.

3) Go Ice Skating

The thought of going somewhere that will still be cold is probably the last thing you want, but it will make your family very happy because it is something out of the ordinary. Think about it, all winter we sit around being cold... why not embrace the cold and have fun at the same time!

4) Visit The Park

Take your family to the park to have some fantastic time together. There are lots of activities one can get involved in at the park, especially with the kids around. Gather some snacks and take your family to the park, play some friendly games with the kids, do some dancing and singing together, and have fun all day long. Tell some friendly jokes, laugh out loud, tell stories, play around with the kids, and have a feel of fresh warm air.

5) Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

A super fun thing to do with younger kids is to set a leprechaun trap. The night of the 16th, have your kids set a leprechaun trap using a box or laundry basket. Put gold coins inside to attract your leprechaun, but remember, leprechauns are very sneaky and do not like to be seen. In the morning, your child may awake to see that the leprechaun has taken their gold coins and left them a small gift or treat.

6) Go On A Vacation

Well duh... everyone wants a vacation. But it doesn't have to be some full out, travel to another state, get on an airplane affair. You can take a weekend or even a one day vacation to a local city in your state. Heck, even go down to the local Holiday Inn and rent a room for the night. Go swimming in the pool, order in take out food and enjoy each other's company.

7) Fly A Kite

March is always a windy month, so make some kites for kids to play around with. Join them and watch them fly a kite with so much joy in their eyes. It's something they must have missed during the winter period, so bringing it back during spring is a fantastic way to make your kids happy.

Spring is the time everyone has been patiently waiting for, as everyone has been tied indoors because of the winter. Now it's time to breathe some fresh air and have good times with your family. The month of March is filled with lots of activities, and you definitely won't lack fun places to visit. With the exciting activities listed above, your family will never be bored all through March.

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