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52 Years and Going Strong!

Did you know that Earth Day has been around for 52 years! That is a long time. And this year's theme is “Invest in Our Planet.” wants to focus on accelerating solutions to combat climate change with a slogan of “everyone account for, and everyone accountable.”

I remember when I was a kid every Earth Day, we would get a sapling to take home and plant. Around here they do not do that anymore. However, there are other ways to help the earth!

For the 52 years it has been around, here are 52 tips on how you can help.

Here are a couple of ideas they share:

  • Organize a community cleanup

  • Switch to reusable bags

  • Use and encourage the use of reusable silverware and plating

  • Support organic ingredients

  • Grow an organic garden

  • Buy local food

  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning products

How many on the list do you do, or have you done? Not going to lie we have only done about thirteen things on the list. While it is difficult to do everything on the list at least doing something would be better than nothing! That is how I feel anyway.

Happy Earth Day everyone!

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