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5 Things to do Inside on Cold Days

By Mei Yee

Where we live, it is starting to get colder but no snow yet. So, it’s hard to get the kids outside to play. Well, mine anyways (they love to play in the snow). Here’s a list of ideas to do together.

1. Board games.

I don’t know how many people still have board games in their homes. But we have a few here that my kids have picked out. And it is a nice thing to have around for days when it’s cold or raining, or both. Or you could always create your own board game!

2. Video games.

Video games are a great go to as well. (They also make video games from board games if you want the fun of the board game without having to clean up after it.) But it is another nice way for everyone to do something together.

Make sure your arts and crafts supplies are stocked for this season as from what I have seen kids really like arts and crafts.

4. Baking.

Who doesn’t love sweet treats? Why not show them how to make some of their favorite treats. They might realize they love baking and want to do it more. Or you could always make some homemade pizza, let them add the toppings themselves. Then they could have helped make dinner and dessert.

5. Movie marathon.

Whether on Netflix or DVDs, pick out a couple of movies to watch. Grab your favorite snacks and enjoy! You could even combine baking with a movie marathon. Bake your favorite treats for the movie.


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