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3 Summer Fun Books for Children

By Mei Yee

I was looking for some summer fun books for my girls, and I came across a few that I wanted to share!

Pete the Cat: Pete at the Beach. (James Dean)

This one is about Pete, his mother, and his brother all heading to the beach. Pete’s brother has no problem jumping right into the water, but Pete, on the other hand, is scared. This book was relatable to my girls because this is exactly how they were two years ago when we went to the beach. My oldest went right to the water, where my youngest was very scared. But, just like my youngest, Pete eventually goes into the water and realizes how it’s not as scary as he thought.

How to Catch a Mermaid. (Adam Wallace)

This one is about how a little girl swears she saw a mermaid and wants to capture her. She thinks of all the wonderful adventures she and her new mermaid friend could have through her imagination. So she creates a mermaid catching team with her best friend and her dog.

They come up with plans on how to catch the mermaid and everything.

When a Dragon Moves in (Jodi More)

This one is about a little boy and his family head to the beach. After he builds his sandcastle, a dragon moves into it! Both the boy and the dragon have lots of beach time fun together. This book had two of my youngest’s favorite things, the beach, and a dragon. However, no one believes the boy about the dragon. So, the question is, is the dragon real, or is it all his imagination?

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