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3 Movies to Watch as a Family

By Mei Yee

Time spent with the family is important. Even sitting down to watch a movie together can mean a lot to your kids. For me, I sometimes need that time more than they do. Here is a list of 3 family movies to check out on Netflix!

1. Over the Moon.

If you follow the blog, then you know that I did just talk about this movie due to the Mid-Autumn Festival. Not only do I enjoy this movie, but my kids do too. It’s cute, funny and heartwarming. The main character loses her mother and doesn’t want her replaced. She goes on an adventure, with her future brother, to the moon! She discovers that she can still love and miss her mother but also love someone else. I won’t even lie I cried when I first saw it. And when I watched it for a second time with my niece, who was trying to hide that she was crying because she thought she was the only one. There are catchy songs in this one as well, that yes I find myself singing them randomly around the house.

2. Wish Dragon.

As the title suggests it is about a dragon who grants wishes. But yes it does go deeper than that. Typical the dragon can only grant three wishes and as everyone he has served has always asked for money he tries to rush his latest master into wishing for gold just so he can be done with granting wishes. However, his master just wants to be able to reconnect with an old friend that he thought forgot about him. They get into some trouble along the way, and there is a surprise ending, but overall it’s also a cute movie to watch together. It teaches about friendship and what it means to be kind to one another.

3. Gnome Alone.

This one is about a teen who moves to a new city. So that means, new house, new school and new friends. However her new house is infested… with gnomes. While at first she is scared and put off she ends up making friends with them. She realizes the popular kids at school that she thought she wanted to be friends with isn’t the kind of friends she wants. She also makes a friend with a kid who isn’t popular and she ends up standing up for him. He was always nice to her and tried to help her, where her popular friends didn’t even remember her name. This shows kids the importance of who your friends are. She also has to battle these aliens to defend her house.

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