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10 Best Board Games for Family Game Night

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

The aim of a family fun night is to have fun! I love board games. We don't play often because it is just Eric and I, but when we get together with friends of family, we definitely play!

You guys know I have 11 nieces and nephews ranging from 2 years old to 21 years old, so I do know how tricky it can be to select a board game if you have kids at different developmental stages. Begin by playing one that your youngest child definitely may play. Here is 10 board games that are the best for various ages and you can include littles and older children in various ways.

(Playing Monopoly with my husband and friends. This post contains affiliate links.

This list is in no particular order, but I am using a numbered list so I can keep track of how many I have listed, LOL.)

1. Scrabble - Scrabble is a popular game that's been loved by families for generations. You are able to use Scrabble in your home school or in your classroom to teach spelling skills. Think "off the board" a bit and you are able to utilize the letter tiles to help all youngsters learn to be better spellers. Make certain that your youngster is praised for correct spelling, and do not feel bad about helping to lead them to more beneficial words. Working collectively with the letters works well when youngsters are learning to spell and read, as well.

2. Clue - Utilize your brainy deductive skills to work out which suspicious character killed Mr. Body and how and where the murder was perpetrated. Can help kids with deductive skills. This game is rated for ages 8 and up.

3. Sorry - Sorry is a classic board game first popularized in the United States of America in 1934. You attempt to get your pawns into the "Safety Zone" (the last five squares nearest to your home) as fast as possible. Fun and entertaining for the whole family!

4. Chinese Checkers - If you aren't in the mood for the deep engrossment of chess and you'd like to play with more than 2 individuals as in regular checkers, then Chinese checkers might be the game for you. This stirring board game, in which you try to move all your pieces into your opponent's region before he can move his into yours, may be played with up to 6 players and learned in a minimal amount of time. Its star-shaped board, colored pieces and fast-paced play will hold your attention.

5. Chutes & Ladders - Chutes and Ladders is a classic up-and-down board game where participants race to make it to the last square. Can help younger kids with counting and following directions.

6. Game of Life - The Game of Life is classic board game that’s been loved by millions of individuals since the sixties. Nowadays, the game is played in 20 different languages and lets players learn about the assorted stages of life as they collect skills in risk-taking, finance, and decision-making. If you are seeking a game for a rainy day, or something to do at a party, this is a winner.

7. Chess - Among the most fantastic things about chess is that you are able to play as ambitious a game with an 8 - year - old youngster, as you will be able to with an eighty year old golden ager. Choose the opportunity to teach the youngster good sportsmanship. The youngster will probably lose as much as he wins and ought to maintain a beneficial attitude no matter the outcome.

8. Monopoly - Hold in mind that the elemental goal is to have the most revenue and assets at the end of the game. Let's just face it, this game can cause drama in the family, but it is oh so much fun!! There are also many varieties of Monopoly now, so you can find a game to fit your child's age range.

9. Twister - Twister is a classic game played in homes for decades- families, acquaintances and party goers all have stories to tell involving intriguing mutations of the game. Whether you have lost the directions or you are trying to settle a conflict after Thanksgiving Day dinner, this will help you brush up on your Twister game.

10. CandyLand - Candyland is a fun, easy board game for youngsters designed to help with color identification.

Board game nights are amusing to plan and anticipate; however, it's simple to pull out a game if you're family seems bored, or you want to switch off the television monster for a while. Keep a hoard of great board games for these occasions, and you're sure to discover a taker when you inquire, "Does anybody want to play a game?”

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