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Get relaxed for an amazing bedtime story with Pookie as she reads to your kids!

This is a list of books that we will be reading for season 1, and where you can get them for your own bookshelf! All of these books are from the imaginations of independent authors and publishers who worked hard to bring them to life.




Sunny's Magical Headband
By Elisavet Arkolaki

A gentle, moving, and comforting story for children about loss and love.

Sunny loves spending time with her grandparents. They bake together, go to the park together, and play together until, one day, Grandpa dies. Grieving is a very personal and challenging journey but Sunny is gifted with a vivid imagination that helps her cope. It doesn't take her long to discover that the ones we love are never lost.

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Abracadabra I Know What to Do!
By Kristin Davis

The words we use are important. They effect how we view the world around us. In this book, Olive learns all about the power of her words and how saying something differently can make a big change.

This story holds lessons for children of all ages from young to old. Adults will learn along with the kids as they join Olive on her journey of discovery.

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Spike the Penguin with the Rainbow Hair
By Sarah Cullen & Carmen Ellis

Spike, The Penguin with Rainbow Hair is a heart-warming picture book written in lyrical rhyme that will be cherished by children, ocean lovers, teachers, and parents.

Spike was born with beautiful rainbow hair. Everyone loved it and thought he was unique and special… well almost everyone. Follow Spike’s adventures as he tries to change his hair to blend in with the crowd. Will he learn to embrace himself for who he is?

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I Hope it's a Puppy!
By Megan Mancini

"I Hope It's A Puppy!" is the award-winning baby book that is written entirely from the perspective of a young child! Ignite your imagination as you laugh along trying to guess what is hiding inside of Mommy's tummy.

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Who You Are
By Jessi Hersey

Jaylin wants to be who she is but isn’t sure about people telling her who to be. From the creative mind of Jessi Hersey comes an adventure in finding oneself in a place where the voices of others can take over what your heart is truly telling you. This is meant for children 3 years of age and up and is perfect for those questions as your learning who you are. We are all constantly learning about ourself’s come on a journey in this story of Jaylin.

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We Walk Through the Forest
By Lisa Ferland

Step into the enchanting forest with We Walk Through the Forest, an interactive sing-along children's book that takes your little one on a magical adventure. Follow a curious girl and her playful pup as they explore the Swedish woods, discovering all the beauty and wonders the forest has to offer. With vibrant illustrations and scenes encouraging your child to act out the story, this book is perfect for sparking your child's imagination and love for nature.

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Words Take Flight
By Etaine Raphael

When twins Chloe and Zoey get teased at their new school for speaking only in rhyme, their mom takes them to play at their favorite park. There, the twins meet a toddler who is also having a hard day. They decide to help cheer him up by including him in their favorite activity: storytelling. Little by little, the whole park becomes their audience! Through their gift of storytelling, Chloe and Zoey share what kindness and friendship mean to them. They also begin to realize how their words bring both comfort and inspiration to those around them. Join Chloe and Zoey as they learn that sometimes the things that set us apart from our peers are actually our greatest gifts!


Isaiah and the Orchestra of Sounds
By Morenike Euba Oyenusi

Isaiah (14 and a bit) is living the perfect and peaceful life in Baltimore, Maryland, when, suddenly, he acquires an alien resident orchestra in his right ear!


Our endearing hero has a doting mom whom he adores. He is best friends with Sammy and Rosa at a rigorous college prep school. He's a deep thinker, gets fantastic grades, and loves video games. The lively story of Isaiah's battle with the unwelcome performers will keep you on the edge of your seat until the grand finale.

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I Can Handle it! 2
By Laurie Wright

Self-talk lasts a lifetime.

Let's make sure our kids speak well to themselves!

Holidays and special occasions can be particularly tricky for kids. (for adults too!)

Crowds, loud noises, new environments and lack of routine combine to make kids feel anxious and overwhelmed and they don't know what to do!

By repeating simple easy to 'get' language, like I CAN HANDLE IT, kids realize something powerful.

They CAN handle anxious and overwhelming feelings.

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Popoto the Maui Dolphin
By Noemi Knight

Kia ora! My name is Popoto, and I am a Māui dolphin. I hope to make lots of friends because we are not doing so well. You see, Māui dolphins are endangered. When an animal is endangered, there are not enough of us on the Earth to keep our families safe, happy, and healthy. But guess what? You can help by being a friend of the Māui dolphins and the Earth! How can you help? Look inside to find out!

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Libby the Lobivia Jajoiana
By Regan Macaulay & Kevin Risk

Libby is a lonely cactus plant who has trouble believing in herself. However, when lovely, confident Violet moves in next to her on the windowsill, Libby learns that the things that make her different also make her special.

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The Picture Puzzle
By Megan Mancini

When Camilla's puppy, Lady, wakes her up in morning, she gets in a bad mood and it only seems to get worse as the day continues. With help from Aunt Elle, Camilla learns all about forgiveness, understanding, and how to turn a bad day into a creatively fantastic day!

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