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5 Ways To Teach Kids Kindness

By Fatima Ayyaz

Kids are like flowers, when you care for them in the best possible way and provide for their needs, they bloom like beautiful flowers that spread happiness everywhere. We all know that "kindness is a virtue," but how does a 3-year-old get to the bottom of this? As adults, we can differentiate between kindness and bully, but, for a 3-year-old, things are slightly different.

So, the question is, how can we ensure that our child will grow up to become a kind person? How to teach them kindness? How to make them understand its importance? You might feel it’s a difficult task but, here's the good news, it is NOT that difficult. Well, of course, you'll have to work on your child a bit, but trust me! Once you start, it'll be totally worth it!

Here are a few ways you can teach your child kindness from an early age.

Children do what they see

Children are imitators. They do precisely what they see. If they see you shouting on someone, they'll do the same. However, if you show kindness through your actions, they'll learn without even knowing it. So, start from small things like holding a door for your kid when you go out, saying hello to the neighbor on your way out, or saying thank you to the waiter as he serves you food. Your kid will pick up these small gestures, and it will not only shape his personality, but he will also learn kindness.

Talk about kindness and kind acts

Talk to your kid about being kind to others. Tell them to be helpful to their friends. Even if they tell you about their classmate who is terrible at sports, ask them to be kind towards them. Talk to them about the feeling you get when you help someone. Ask them how he feels if he has in When you encourage your kid to be kind and inspire others. It's a chain process.

Talk positive

Verbal communication with kids is a MUST. Talk to them about everything in a positive manner. Don't tell them you "don't" like this. Instead, tell them you like the other better. When you switch the Don'ts and Nots with positive words, they will learn to see the positive aspect of the picture. Some practice and everything will change for good, trust me!

Charity and volunteering

Teach our child charity. Make them a part of charitable activities, or at least take them with you. Tell them how helping others can bring happiness in one’s self. Encourage them to give a portion of their pocket money to charity. It will spark emotions of kindness in them.

Give Encouragement

Probably the most important thing you can do to teach your kid kindness it by encouraging him. Indulge him in different household chores like setting the dishes for dinner, cleaning his room, or helping with his little sibling. Tell him how helpful he has been and encourage him to feel proud of his actions and continue to do that.

Kindness is a fantastic trait. It is what makes leads towards a happy and healthy life. Who wouldn't want their kids to have a happy life? Life is too short for hatred, so spread kindness so that your kid can do the same!


We are making an animated movie about spreading love and kindness!

The inspiration to do Mission Fat Hearts was created after seeing how much the world needs kindness now more than ever.

Kids imitate what they see on TV and in movies. We want to create the Mission Fat Hearts animated movie to show kids how they can perform small acts of kindness, as well as the effect it can have on someone’s life.

The Mission Fat Hearts animated movie will show kids that being kind CAN change the world.


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