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Time of Day Part 3: Favorite Ways to Spend Saturday Morning

By Mei Yee

Part 3 of 3

My favorite ways to spend Saturday mornings are actually with my kids. (Bet you’re surprised by that.)

Saturday mornings usually are our relaxing time. Before the pandemic, we used to go to a café. The girls would get a donut and some vanilla milk while I got coffee. Then, we would hang out there to eat and talk. It was like our little celebration for surviving the week. Whether surviving from school or work, we all deserved that treat.

When the pandemic hit and the café shut down, we did modify our Saturday mornings. I got packs of donuts at the store (not the same but close). I got them their vanilla milk, and I would make myself a coffee. We would sit and eat while playing Super Mario on the switch. We would still talk like we did before, so that hasn’t changed.

Even with things opening back up, we still set this time to stay home and have our special treat. The girls voted to stay home and do this as then they can sleep in and stay in their pajamas during this time.

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