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Time of Day Part 1: Favorite Moments

By Mei Yee

Part 1 of 3:

My favorite moments of the day would have to be moments spent with my kids. And I am not just saying that because I am a parent and feel like I am forced to say that. I do have moments I enjoy by myself as well; they just aren’t part of my favorites.

My first favorite moment of the day is when my youngest wakes up; shocking, I know, but she isn’t cranky in the morning unless she is sick. She wakes up and hugs me while saying, “good morning, mama.”

While they are at school, I work, which starting work is actually another favorite time of my day. I love my job. I get writers' block from time to time, which can be frustrating, but it comes with the territory.

My next favorite moment is picking my kids up. I am not sure if they are excited to see me or excited that it is time to go home, but I like how excited they get to see me.

Now for dinner, we do have a rule of no electronics while eating. So, I enjoy this time as well because we get to just relax, eat, and talk.

(This photo was actually taken while we were moving, and I wanted to take a quick pic. My eleven year old didn't want her face shown though, that is why there is the emoji. My five year old said she was cute and didn't need her face covered, haha.)

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