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Screen Free Time

By Mei Yee

Sometimes it is good to get away from the electronics. And not just for children but adults as well. Especially if you work with electronics, they say it is good to get up at least once an hour for about five minutes.

In that time, you could; color, stretch, go for a brief walk, read, get some coffee, etc.

Coloring can also help with stress, believe it or not. Whether an adult coloring book or a children's coloring book. It can be relaxing.

If you work in an office, just stand up and do some basic stretches. Neck stretches, torso stretches, hamstring stretches, standing quad stretches, back stretches, and the list goes on.

If you work in cubicles and are worried about coworkers looking at you weirdly for doing stretches, then go for a walk. Even if just around the inside of the building. Or take a walk to the break room to get a drink. I always kept a pair of walking shoes at my desk to be able to do this comfortably.

Or get up and walk away from the desk to sit somewhere else and read. Might want to set a timer for this if you get absorbed in books as I do.

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