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National Lazy Mother's Day

By Mei Yee

As today is National Lazy Mother’s Day, as day that I didn’t know existed until this year. But apparently it has been around since .. actually, I haven’t found anything that says when it began. But I did find things talking about this holiday last year, so I at least know this isn’t the first year, haha.

However, it is celebrated on the first Friday in September. And I will not lie I was a bit offended at first, and then I read more into it. It was shown that even on Mother’s Day, mother’s still do a lot of work. So, they did not have time to sit and enjoy Mother’s Day.

Hence Lazy Mother’s Day was created. A day where mother’s can be lazy. Still easier said than done. I appreciate the thought put into this and maybe one day I can enjoy it. So, kind of celebrating a halfway lazy day.

My kids are still younger and can’t do a lot for themselves yet. However, we are going to enjoy a nice Friday where I am not cooking, and I am not going to worry about cleaning today. I normally stress about cleaning up right away, but maybe we can all be lazy together and just have a relaxing Friday night together.

What about you? Did you know about this national holiday? How are you celebrating it?

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