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Milk Carton Ice Cream Truck Craft

Get ready for a crafty summer adventure with your little ones as we create a delightful ice cream truck! 🍦🚚🎨 Gather some craft supplies to bring this fun project to life. Let your kids unleash their creativity by designing their dream ice cream truck. Add whimsical details like paper ice cream cones, shiny stickers for wheels, and a sign that says "Tasty Treats on Wheels." The best part? Once their masterpiece is complete, they can enjoy hours of pretend play as ice cream vendors, serving up imaginary sweet treats to friends and family. Let the crafty fun begin!

Step 1: Cut on one side of milk carton down, then across each side of that cut for window. See below.

Step 2: Paint and decorate any way you want! Let the kids imaginations soar!

Step 3: Paint bottle caps or cardboard for wheels, then glue on and let dry. (We used a hot glue gun, but you can use whatever you would like.)

Step 4: Add any finishing touches, and you're all done!

For added fun ice cream treat, check out our Sprinkled with Sweetness episode on how to make an easy, and yummy, ice cream cake!


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