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Kids and Checkers?

By Mei Yee

Recently Natalya got a board game for her birthday. It wasn’t just any board game, though, as it was checkers and had Super Mario on it. If you know Natalya, Super Mario is one of her favorites.

What is cool about this is that it has one side for checkers, but there is tic-tac-toe on the other side. Which tic-tac-toe is even easier to teach, and most kids have played it on paper before.

Mario and Luigi’s hats are used for the king pieces in checkers, and I think they are cute. (So does Natalya.)

She didn’t know how to play checkers before, but it is an easy game to teach. She had so much fun playing as well. Besides Candyland, I do feel this is one of the easier games to teach kids.

We play it multiple times a week, as I think board games are still important, which shocks people when I say that as I love video games very much. It is family time together, away from screens.

Not that screen time is terrible, and I am by no means judging as there are days where my children play on them longer than I care to admit. But I do like the time we spend away from the screens as well.


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