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Growth of the Blog!

By Mei Yee

I was not the one who started this blog, but I can tell you that it was created because of Rebecca's love for all of her nieces and nephews. Or that was the reason she started writing and illustrating her books. She wanted wholesome children’s entertainment for them. The creativity grew from there!

This is how the blog started. With the first post was about Christmas activities the whole family can enjoy! (Fun Christmas Activities for the Whole Family)Then, including different ideas, tips, and interests, the blog kept growing.

A few other people had contributed to the blog as well, all having fantastic ideas. Like Boosting creativity (How to Boost Creativity in Your Kid?) and family fun activities for the fall (Three Fall Activities To Enjoy With Your Family)!

We want to keep posting things like this for you and your family. I may have a different creative take on the blog then how it originally started, but I will keep the same follow the same mission statement for both your children and mine.


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