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Experiment: Controlled Ice

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

By Mei Yee

For this controlled experiment you just need a few items from around the house.

  1. Cup of cold water

  2. Cup of warm water

  3. Salt

  4. Plate/Tray

  5. Spoon or pipette

  6. Ice Cubes

We used a plate, but you can use a tray or even a muffin pan (then they can be separated if you want to see how much melted from each).

We placed four ice cubes onto the plate; one for the controlled ice cube, second one for warm water, third for cold water, and the fourth for salt.

After we put the water (about 10ml of each) and salt on the ice cubes we waited 30 seconds to see if there had been any changes.

30 Seconds