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Daily Summer Schedule

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

By Mei Yee

So far this summer, I have learned that I need to set a schedule, so it isn’t chaos all the time! Of course, a little bit of chaos is good, but my kids end up having a battle to the death without some kind of routine.

Most days, they go to the daycare for the summer program, and the daycare there has a great schedule. So on the days, they go there, I don’t worry about them getting to play outside or even getting to play in general. So when they come home, they can just relax inside if they want, especially on the hotter days.

It is nice to set a schedule so the kids can get into a routine, and then there are set times for them to spend outside and inside. However, the schedule isn’t just for the kids. It is good to have one for you too. This way, you can set time aside for yourself. Let this be the time during the day where the kids can have screen time, and then you can focus on yourself.

What kind of schedule you set depends on what your family has going on. For example, are your kids on sports teams? Do they take lessons? If so, then you would need to make a schedule around them.

My kids, at this time, do not have anything extra besides going to the summer program at the daycare. With an occasional doctor’s appointment and time to see family, that is. We adjust the schedule for those times.

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