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Bonding Ideas for Siblings

By Mei Yee

As most of you know, my children are not close in age. So it is hard to find something that they both can bond over. Here are few things I have done to help them bond!

Crafts; they do not even have to make the same thing. Whether you get each kid a specific kit to make something or just grab a bunch of craft supplies (pipe cleaners, paper, popsicle sticks, pom-poms, markers, beads, glue, etc.)

If you are worried about a mess, lay down a plastic tablecloth. It also makes for easy clean-up. Even with the age gap, I have found they both were excited to sit together and do this. They even helped each other without me having to tell them to do so!

Treasure hunts; a little tougher to get them both in on this; however, I get in on this with them. But I do this without interrupting their time together. I set everything up, tell them the only way for them to get their prizes is to work together without fighting. Like I make it, I am the “bad guy” who stole their treasure, and they need to work together to get it back.

They work together, but I tell them any fighting, and the treasure is mine to keep. The prizes, or treasure, usually are those mystery packs you can find at stores for a few dollars each, or I will bake their favorite cookies. Nothing big or expensive.

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