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Back to School: Are You Ready?

By Mei Yee

Some schools in my area have started back today, and some start tomorrow. So, which leaves me to ask, were/are you ready?

My kids start tomorrow, and while it feels like we are ready, it feels like we forgot something. Which also may be the case. But we have thoroughly checked the list, and the backpacks are full.

Mentally is everyone ready?

I have one child who is all “I love school,” and then I have another one almost in tears about going back. She was also hoping they would offer virtual learning this year, too, so she could stay home.

She is even more nervous since they didn’t have an open house, so we could see where her homeroom or locker is. And now she is worried she will get lost. So, we went over a plan for her to find her room easily and how if she can’t find her locker to find her homeroom teacher and tell her she can’t find it. I told her that this way, her teacher could help her or at least point her in the direction.

She is a bit calmer about not getting lost, but she still doesn’t want to go. I think that just comes with her age (haha). She is a pre-teen, after all.

Are your kids ready?

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