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2 Children's Shows (Ages 4-8)

By Mei Yee

There is so much content out there nowadays for children to watch. I have picked two kid shows that I feel are great for kids about 4-8.


To me, the characters are adorable. The main characters live in this underwater base where they go out and help those in need. Which shows kids the importance of being kind to others, and it helps teach your little one about marine life. So, the show is entertaining and educational. I say this with love for kid shows, this one isn’t annoying. I am actually able to sit and watch this one with my kids.

(Side fact: This show was inspired by the books with the same title.)

True and the Rainbow Kingdom.

This show helps to spark young one’s imaginations. It is about a little girl and her best friend, who happens to be a cat, who lives in a magical kingdom. They have all sorts of neighbors, including yetis. She cares a lot for everyone living there, and when they are in trouble, she is always willing to help! She gets 3 wishes (3 different ones each episode), to help her save the day! This show teaches kids how to problem solve and to quote their website, “teaches empathy for our world and all its living creatures.”

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